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OHkeo Center, Ltd. is a 100% Spanish company, founded in Arteixo (A Coruña) created with the objective of helping establish a culture of corporate social responsibility and sustainable development, while generating new business model that provides value to all involved in it.
OHkeo wants to promote in Spain and other countries in the international use of bicycles as means of transport, promoting an anti-culture, sports, healthy and in a context of "sustainable economy."

The objective is to OHkeo attractive and profitable use of bicycles as sustainable transportation, both for individuals and businesses and public and private agencies.

OHkeo recorded in Spain, all European Union countries, China and the United States support and advertising graphics for use on bicycle wheels. OHkeo is devoted mainly to manage the integration of this new channel of communication, image and advertising on the wheels of bicycles and rickshaws, both public and private use.

OHkeo registered designs and sells storage media, advertising, image and communication, creating benefits and value to all members of the value chain of the bicycle, from manufacturers to users, through advertising companies, media communication, management companies own bicycles and municipalities and other public and private organizations that are promoting the use of the bicycle, with the attendant costs of managing that service entails.
In summary, OHkeo has developed a new business model:
1. Encourage the use of the bicycle, to customize it to be, making it more attractive.
2. It provides advantages and benefits to all involved in its value chain.
3. Creates jobs and a new activity.
4. It makes possible the use of bicycles, especially governance, and sustainable transportation, helping to turn the health of people, improvement of traffic and the environment and, ultimately, to sustainable development.

Potential benefits or benefits that may result from the use of OHkeos:
    1. Creating your own business.
    2. Selling your designs on OHkeo and additional income.
    3. Exhibition and international recognition for its designs.
    4. Increased visibility of your brand.

How you can help OHkeo Center?
    1. Open a window to new designers.
    2. Create the option to generate income.
    3. Internationalized their designs.
    4. Designs can be combined, two wheels and four side.
    5. Interchangeable Designs.
    6. Lasting impression.
    7. We opened a window to art.