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The advice and warnings described below, sets out a series of recommendations to be taken into account prior to the use of the media graphic designs for spoked wheels (OHkeos), where the user is still responsible for compliance, as well as to choose or not the use of OHkeos on their bikes.
Thanks to its design placement, for the proper placement of OHkeos not usually necessary to remove the wheels. The material they are made allows deformation OHkeo sufficient to bring the spokes of the wheel, passing the OHkeo by the shaft, through its radial cut. The OHkeos should be centered on the wheel, checking the clearance between the outer edge of the rim OHkeo and uniform throughout the wheel. At the same time should match the valve to inflate the tire (if you have one) with the recess provided for that purpose made in the OHkeos. This recess is oversized for the majority of cases, in order to facilitate also the use of anti-theft security means such as chains, padlocks, cables, pins, etc. You should check that the cover only OHkeos wheel spokes and the rim. This check is more important in models of tires that include a surface for braking, given the risk associated with bringing the OHkeo between the pads and rim. Once positioned OHkeo the two parts, one for each side of the wheel, small holes are located on the surface made OHkeo and they pose as flanges, each flange so that both ate two pieces of OHkeo as at least one of the spokes of the wheel. It is recommended not to tighten the reins at first, you better put them all and go progressively tightening them one by one until the correct placement. Once their placement is leftover cut flanges, thus leaving the OHkeos finally assembled.
Use, circulation and transport will need to always do a short tour with the first OHkeos installed to verify their proper placement as their behavior in motion. The OHkeos properly seated should not affect normal use and movement of the bicycle or vehicle, where a new service to assess their behavior is recommended disassembling and relocation. Speed is a factor that aggravates the consequences of any accident, however small this is, for this reason it is recommended move at moderate speed while using the OHkeos. In general, not detected any adverse effects flowing at a speed of up to 30 miles per hour on a bicycle with OHkeos. It must pay special attention to the influence of crosswind on the management of the bicycle or vehicle, as the OHkeo significantly increases the surface on which the wind acts. This factor should be evaluated before driving on open spaces during high winds. Similarly, it will take special care when driving on roads where other vehicles running at over 40 km / h, the suction effect that could cause. The use of OHkeos offers some protection against the bringing of objects between the spokes of the wheels, so it can be recommended for use in natural environments, which is frequent occurrence of branches or wires that may eventually lead to sudden blockage of a wheel. Through the use of OHkeos increases the visible surface of the bicycle or vehicle, giving greater security, more so in low light environments. This increase of the visible surface also facilitates the immediate identification and location of the bicycle or vehicle. Using a mismatch can be detected due to successive impacts, bumps, jumps and irregularities of the terrain. Although OHkeos are designed to withstand hard work, we must review them to keep them in good condition and verify that the installation remains correct. Transport of bicycles (with OHkeos mounted on their wheels) on supports in the roof of another vehicle should be avoided or at speeds below 60 km / h, the possible effect of air currents on the surface of the OHkeos. This effect could be increased by the wind, so you should always avoid the transfer of bicycles in windy moments.
Competitions The OHkeo is a new product so it is possible that regulations governing sporting competitions do not provide for its use. In any case the use of OHkeos in competition is at the user, who must assess the merits of its use according to the characteristics of the competition to develop. Maintenance is advisable to check that everything on the bike or vehicle is working properly. Create the habit of checking that the brakes are working, and be sure that no loose, broken or degreased on your bike or vehicle. The use of OHkeos, in most cases, does not prevent the success of the maintenance of the vehicle, except for the removal of the radius of the wheel. OHkeos design does not prevent the proper verification of the radios, hubs and tires.
OHkeos themselves require no maintenance, with the exception of simple cleaning. Due to the materials and techniques used in the manufacture of OHkeo substances should not be used solvents as they may damage both the backing material such as printing, graphics or drawings made on it.